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Our values

Our difference

We want to clearly distance ourselves from the bad behaviour of the mining world : we will favour the "entrepreneurial" and "industrial" spirit over the short-term financial, "speculative" spirit. Similarly, we make it a point of honour to respect the strictest respect for the environmental and social consequences of our projects. This implies reasoned operations, in agreement with and with the participation of local players and favouring short circuits, with a notion of sustainability and a long-term vision.

Moreover, being a French company, we are subject to and obliged to apply legislation on the respect of workers' rights. We are committed to being transparent on our governance in order to prevent any form of corruption.


Our charter can be downloaded below :



Inheriting a bad reputation

The role of a junior mining company is traditionally to make daring bets, with limited means, based on diverse ideas and opportunities. As this activity is speculative and highly lucrative, abuses have too often tarnished the image of the mine. This has had very negative consequences on the mining industries and the environment. The Salsigne mine in France is a good example.

Very strict and formal control tools have been put in place (NI43-101, JORC) to try to curb these abuses. Despite everything, it must be acknowledged that dubious practices are still in use, circumventing the measures in place.

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