Sustainable mining development
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France's potential for strategic metals

"In mainland France, tungsten, antimony and gold are the three substances with the greatest potential for mining development due to the existence of deposits and already known resources and reserves. "(Miné

Metropolitan France also holds different types of lithium deposits: in rock (in pegmatites and LCT granites) and in brines. In a context of energy transition towards all-electricity, lithium is an increasingly critical metal.

Participating in "made in France" procurement is one of SUDMINE's objectives. SUDMINE has therefore identified a number of projects for strategic metals, as part of the energy transition, contributing to local and short circuit supply for France.

SUDMINE's ambition in France

According to the Comité des Métaux Stratégiques (Comes) the development of French industrial skills in the recycling of critical metals is necessary for French independence in critical metals but will in no way be sufficient. This is why SUDMINE wants to be an actor of France's independence for strategic metals.

In a context where carbonaceous fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc.) are tending to be replaced by energies requiring large quantities of metals (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.), SUDMINE aims to be a protagonist in the fields of energy transition and strategic metals for the independence and reindustrialisation of France, while at the same time promoting short circuits in strict compliance with environmental regulations.


SUDMINE's ambition in mainland France is to develop strategic metal operations:

  • Respectful of the environment
  • Respectful of local residents
  • Local job generators
  • Demonstrators of French know-how
  • Complying with regulations (mining code, environmental code, etc.)

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