Our values

Our values

a background that suffers from bad reputation

A Junior mining company traditionally takes risks, using reduced allocated resources, based on ideas, plus various opportunities. Then comes the next higher stake, this is where problems can occur on projects. This activity being mostly speculative, has shown distortion and drifts in the practice to the detriment of the industrial aspect; And finally caused harmful consequences 

Very stringent controls have been put in place (NI43-101, JORC) in order to rein these abuses in. Nevertheless, one has to admit that doubtful practices still remain, circumventing the system.

our difference

We want to point out that we differentiate ourselves from this behavior: in that we keep an equitable balance on the entrepreneurial and industrial spirit, compared to a short term speculator approach. 

Likewise, we are fully aware that the mining industry’s reputation has been damaged in some countries; we will make a point of principle of strictly respecting the environmental and social consequences within our projects.

Therefore, this will imply reasonable mining, in accordance with the participation of the local stakeholders, involving a continued interest and a vision for the long-term.  

 In order to apply this policy, SUDMINE relies on valuable skills of 'Géo-Plus-Environnement', an Engineering Consultancy Company founded in 2001,with high experience in exploration, project development, mining site restoration, environmental mining and security regulations..