Our approach

Our approach

"Upstream" exploration

In order to develop its mining projects,SUDMINE first step is to carry out all upstream exploration methods, including :

  • geologic bibliography,
  • metal–bearing bibliography,
  • mining bibliography
  • metal–bearing interpretation
  • exploration target selection
  • literature revue interpretation for the selected targets, 
  • first geologic assessments in the field
  • Main constraints investigation, utility easements, sensitivity related to the selected targets.

Then, according to the promising targets highlighted by the first upstream step, SUDMINE applies for exclusive exploration mining license claims, in order to be protected in the following field investigations.

« Light » exploration

As a second step, SUDMINE carries out «light» exploration methods :

  • field geology (cartography, structural, mineralogy)
  • sampling and analysing of bottom alluvial pan deposits
  • sampling and analysing of «stream sediments» 
  • sampling and analysing of soils
  • sampling and analysing of geolologic outcrop,
  • drilling with manual auger
  • drilling with engine driven auger
  • drilling with mechanical excavator,
  • trench digging with mechanical excavator,
  • geophysics on groundmetal–bearing interpretation regarding bibliography + field investigations + samples analysis
  • 3-D geolologic computer modeling 
  • potential cubage rough outline 
  • More exhaustive investigation regarding constraints, utility easements, sensitivity related to the selected topic.
  • pre-feasibility study
  • Recognition program draw up 

SUDMINE then introduces presentation files related to the confirmed targets, in order to seek investors, that will allow us to go through the next step = detailed deposit recognition ,

These potential investors are :

  • others junior mining companies, 
  • major mining companies,
  • private investors,
  • industrial investors,
  • specialized investment funds,
  • non specialized investment funds,
  • « business angels »,
  • banks,
  • Etc…

According to the selected investors, and the topics, the next step can be :

  • A Joint Venture between SUDMINE and the INVESTOR
  • A dedicated Company creation
  • The mining license sale

In case of Joint Venture or dedicated company creation

  • SUDMINE brings its mining license, its knowledge and manpower resources 
  • The INVESTOR brings his capital and/or his industrial knowhow.

« Heavy » exploration

As a third step, we can then engage the «Heavy» exploration, including :

  • Airborne geophysics
  • Destructive sampling 
  • Core drill sampling 
  • Analysis program 
  • Processing tests 
  • Pilot runs
  • feasibility study
  • Cubage evaluations 
  • Etc…

The investor’s financial support allows SUDMINE to engage skilled teams for implementing the work.

If the conclusion of this third step is positive, it is then necessary for the dedicated mining created company to seek new investors to develop the full mining project.

This step includes the transformation of the previous exclusive exploration mining license into a mining exploiting license.

Nota : Some topics related to small size and ease to access sites, can allow to jump some stages, or at least to lower them. It is then possible for SUDMINE to start directly the exploiting study.