Actions in progress

During 2014, the main actions in progress for SUDMINE are :

  • up to date french mining cadastral plan achievement (which does not officially exist … !!)
  • Establishing gold mining target in Brittany (France)
  • Establishing other mining targets in France, giving priority to «small» topics with low impacts.
  • First SUDMINE subsidiary formation in Gabon, in order to develop
    • an important size mining project
    • a national size Gold mining project,
    • a world-wide size talc mining project
    • a marble quarry re-opening
  • Upstream work on a gold exclusive exploration license in French Guiana, in order to lead to an operating joint venture with the current license holder.
  • Building materials exploration in the same French Guiana mining license.
  • Hard limestone deposit recognition in central region of France
  • 5 mining licenses investigation in DRC
  • Gold mining project investigation in Guine